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Knot Kidding!

So as most of you know, braids have been all the rage for about 5 years!

Sporting event? Braid! Prom? Braid! Running late? Braid!

Two braids, one braid, loose braid, tight braid, french braid, dutch braid, you name it... we've all done it!

I mean, who wouldn't love it? It's a classic style with a modern twist! But after 5+ years... I think braids are slowly taking a break while a "new" simple style is coming to take its place! The knot!

It has the same elegance and "wow, how did you do that?" effect. And maybe, just maybe, it takes even less time to style than a braid! You simply take two sections and tie a knot! It's that easy!

I can definitely see a knot in a casual or professional setting... or even a boho wedding! And I also see a lot of room to try new things (just like the braid)! I mean, why not do 2... or 5 knots and call it a messy updo? Or do a chain of knots so it reflects the look of a braid?

In my opinion, there is no competition between the braid or the knot! They are both fun and you can never go wrong! But I am excited that there is another simple, little trend going around that is so universal!

I hope that all of you Chickadees try something new in the a.m when you are getting ready for the day! Don't be scared to try something new! Rock it, girl!

- Valorie G

"Friendship is a knot that cannot be untied"

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