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The Beginning of Beginnings...

Hey, friends! So happy that you have found your way to my very first Blog! In fact, "very first" represents more than just my blog. It also describes this day (Jan 1, 2018!) and opening up my own studio!

My whole career up to now has been at a wonderful salon in Grand Blanc, but after my husband and I moved it became apparent that I could not keep driving an hour to work and planting my roots in a community where I was not from anymore. So after a lot of research I stumbled upon City Suites in Owosso, MI. Being way closer to my new home and giving me more flexibility to work around my clients' schedules, it truly felt like God handed me this opportunity!

Making the decision to be my own boss was one that took a lot of consideration and it left me realizing that there is no better time to reach for your dreams, challenge yourself, or try new "firsts". With that being said, 2018 is going to be one for the books... and this year I can feel it! I am motivated to make my studio a second home, motivated to be educated on all the new techniques and motivated to make each clients' appointment the highlight of their day! Because after all, great hair makes for a great day!

I am so excited that you can come along and follow me on my first solo adventure! I am sure that this year will teach me a lot... and I can't wait to learn it! What did life hand you in 2017? Any big plans for the New Year? Are you staring a new journey? New job? New goals? I can't wait to hear all about it and share our experiences at your next appoinment!

~ Valorie Rene

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