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Making our House a Home

Is it just me or does Spring make you want to renovate EVERYTHING?!

Matt and I have been living in this house for almost 2 years and we have loved every second of it! But when we moved in, we were in such a rush that we didn't spend any time on decorating or creating personalized touches to really make our house feel like a home. For example, we don't have a single decoration hanging up on our walls!

And so, with it being Spring, I just can't help but day dream about turning our house into our dream home. I have been on Pinterest daily... Oh my goodness, there are such cute ideas!

With so many different ways of decorating, I am really trying to stay true to our style and not do anything too "trendy" or do something that I won't really care for in 5 years... ya know what I mean? With that being said, I keep gravitating towards white and greenery. It just feels so crisp, clean, and homey to me.

So tell me, how would you describe your style? What are some of your decorating tips and tricks? I appreciate all of the help I can get on this new adventure!

"A house is made of walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams."


Valorie G

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