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Lessons to Lean On

I did it! I got accepted into Natural Beaded Row/BMS Intensive, completed three weeks of pre-training, went to Laguna Beach, California, trained under the DKW styling team and graduated!!! I am officially a level two Natural Beaded Row Extension specialist! What a whirl wind!

During class in California, things got intense. A girl got kicked out for lack of effort, tears were everywhere from opening up and being vulnerable about personal/business manners, and we were constantly being pushed to be better versions of ourselves. During this process I learned many lessons to help me get through this stage of change in my career/life.

1) Always remember your why- While chasing your dreams, things are not always going to be easy! It is in those hard moments that you have to dig deep and remember why you started the process to begin with.

2) Your "why" has a why- The whole class realized that our "whys" kept getting more specific and had more meaning than we even realized!

3) The only way to change is to change- It is so fun to dream and think about what life will be someday. However, you will never get there unless you do something about it! Go all in!

4) You grow when you are outside of your comfort zone- Posting live videos, pictures, texts and audios everyday does not come easy to me. It makes me nervous and shaky every time. I am generally a more private person and realize that I need to be more comfortable marketing myself and putting myself out there!

My trip to California definitely helped me with my NBR technique. I learned a lot about bead application, stitching, and hair placement. But I also learned about myself and some lessons that will stick with me during this time in my life! No matter what stage in life you are in, or what you are going through, just remember that you CAN reach your dream! If you can think it, you can do it! Even though it makes you uncomfortable or scared... In fact, that is when you are really going to grow! I'm right with you, cheering you on!

Valorie G

"Always go with the choice that scares you the most, because that is the one that is going to help you grow." -Caroline Myss

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