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A New Adventure

I have some huge, exciting news! I could not wait any longer to tell all you chickadees!

I am going to be continuing my education next month in CALIFORNIA! Woo-Hoo! So here is the back story!

Having extremely fine, thin hair myself, I have always had a huge interest in hair extensions. In fact, I remember being in 5th grade and calling salons in my area to find out more information on them! Needless to say, I was obsessed with the idea of a fast transformation from short, thin hair to Rapunzel hair! Fast forward to a couple months ago... I was researching extensions (some things never change!) and stumbled across Natural Beaded Row Hair Extensions. I was blown away. I have never seen extensions look so natural! And the best part is... it is the least damaging technique out there! I knew I needed to learn this method so I could offer it to my clients! I just knew it! I was literally so excited I was dreaming about it!

After filling out my application for the class, I was informed I was accepted and that the class is going to be held in May! I am so excited for so many reasons... finally getting some sun, continuing my education, meeting hairstylists that I look up to, but most importantly, being able to provide a service that will dramatically change the way women look at themselves! It is said that 80% of women say that their hair is what defines their beauty. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with hair that is strong, thick and has the ability to grow long (including me). But no worries! Cause this girl can give you the hair of your dreams!

Next time you come in for your appointment ask me how Natural Beaded Rows can help you! I hope that you all know you are special and have a fabulous day!

"Love is in the HAIR!"

Valorie G

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