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MONAT has am invigorating proprietary blend of 11+ unique molecular ingredients, which includes vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene, omega-6 fatty acids, nutrients and amino acids, suitable for all skin and hair types. These ingredients have been proven to mimic the body's own natural oils to reduce hair thinning, prevent oxidative stress, and add volume and shine. 

-Outstanding clinical results prove significant decrease in hair loss effect and increase in hair regrowth.

-Maintains a healthy environment for hair growth.

-Preserves the hair follicle.

-Aids in prevention of hair loss.

-Helps protect against environmental damage.

-Protects the natural pigment in the follicle.

-Penetrates the hair, allowing it to protect both the cuticle and the cortex.

-Helps smooth the cuticle for less damage and breakage.

MONAT Benefits

You've learned about the ingredients that make MONAT different. What's missing? Absolutely nothing- nothing your hair won't miss, that is. Here's a quick list of what you won't- and will never find in any MONAT product. MONAT products do NOT contain:

NO Parabens- Could be linked to chronic disorders.

NO Sulfates- irritating to skin and scalp.

NO DEA/MEA- can be irritating to skin and eyes and could be linked to chronic disorders.

NO Phthalates- long-term exposure could be toxic.

NO PEG- can be linked to chronic disorders.

NO Phenoxyethanol- can be irritating to the eyes and skin.

NO Gluten- can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.

NO Sodium Chloride- can build up in tissues.

NO Harsh Salt Systems- can cause dryness and dehydration.

NO Harmful Colors- can be toxic to skin and scalp and linked to chronic disorders.

NO harmful Fragrances- can be irritating and linked to chronic diseases. 


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