Baby Steps

Lately, things have been a total whirlwind! Who is with me? I know I am not alone! I remember being in High School and waiting to be in this stage of life I am in right now! I couldn't wait to be young and ambitious! I couldn't wait to have a house to decorate, a successful career, the best husband, the cutest dog, and so on and so on! But what no one told me is that being in your 20's is stinkin' hard! Isn't it crazy that you start making life changing decisions as young as

A New Adventure

I have some huge, exciting news! I could not wait any longer to tell all you chickadees! I am going to be continuing my education next month in CALIFORNIA! Woo-Hoo! So here is the back story! Having extremely fine, thin hair myself, I have always had a huge interest in hair extensions. In fact, I remember being in 5th grade and calling salons in my area to find out more information on them! Needless to say, I was obsessed with the idea of a fast transformation from short, thi

Knot Kidding!

So as most of you know, braids have been all the rage for about 5 years! Sporting event? Braid! Prom? Braid! Running late? Braid! Two braids, one braid, loose braid, tight braid, french braid, dutch braid, you name it... we've all done it! I mean, who wouldn't love it? It's a classic style with a modern twist! But after 5+ years... I think braids are slowly taking a break while a "new" simple style is coming to take its place! The knot! It has the same elegance and "wow, how