A New Adventure

I have some huge, exciting news! I could not wait any longer to tell all you chickadees! I am going to be continuing my education next month in CALIFORNIA! Woo-Hoo! So here is the back story! Having extremely fine, thin hair myself, I have always had a huge interest in hair extensions. In fact, I remember being in 5th grade and calling salons in my area to find out more information on them! Needless to say, I was obsessed with the idea of a fast transformation from short, thi

Knot Kidding!

So as most of you know, braids have been all the rage for about 5 years! Sporting event? Braid! Prom? Braid! Running late? Braid! Two braids, one braid, loose braid, tight braid, french braid, dutch braid, you name it... we've all done it! I mean, who wouldn't love it? It's a classic style with a modern twist! But after 5+ years... I think braids are slowly taking a break while a "new" simple style is coming to take its place! The knot! It has the same elegance and "wow, how